Poker Licensing authorities

Playing poker at real money sites are really good. These days when we have hundreds of online poker sites available at the internet, it is very important to know which I good and which is not good for you. Knowing or Understanding the process, authenticity and legality of the site is definitely a very good idea for a player like you. You must check every bit of information about the website i.e. its license and legality. There are many places/authorities in the world who deals in giving license to a poker portal and that is why I am going to give you some idea about the places. It would be beneficial for you as well.

Here is the list of places/countries through online poker sites gets their licenses or operating values.

Malta: -The Malta Lotteries and Gambling Authority is one of the most renowned gambling or poker authorities in the world in today’s scenario. Their code of conduct and other operating recourses are very strict. They have a very high standard and monitor each of their license regularly and without any

Gibraltar:-The next licensing and regulatory authority in gambling is Gibraltar. The great Gibraltar Gaming Commission is very famous in terms of their strict code of conducts. The chances of a player playing at any online poker sites increases if a player see the seal of GGC.

UK:-One more very trustworthy licensing commission is UK Gambling Commission. The commission was formed in 2006 to look upon the sites/portals or other gambling related services.

Costa Rica:-Costa Rica is also called as the betting capital of the world. This is also one of the most trustworthy country which gives authority to online poker websites or portals to do business in their own territory. This industry is a big hit in the country because a number of employments they have created.

Nevada: – This particular place/state is in the United States of America. The heaven for gamblers is in Las Vegas which is the middle of Nevada. It simply means if any poker site gets its license and legal documents seal from the govt of Nevada it can operate anywhere and nay player living in that area can play the games.

New Jersey: – The New Jersey government these days has started giving remote license to gambling portals. It means if a poker portal get its license seal from the government of New Jersey then the portal can accept players from any part of the state of New Jersey.

Antigua: – one more place for online poker sites licensing is Antigua. Some of the major websites are licensed from this particular place of the Caribbean.

Spain: – It is mandatory for a poker site to get a Spanish license first if this wants to take players from the Spain. This is our next licensing authority country or place. They are very good. Weather a portal offer free or real money games it should take the license first.

Netherlands Antilles: – I would say that getting a license for an online poker site from Netherlands Antilles is very easy. Anyone can apply and could get an operational license simply meaning they are not very strict in terms of codes of conduct of the site or the behavior.

Curaçao: – Curaçao provides license to gambling companies and not only to the online websites. Many websites are given licensed by this. Many US based sites get an operational license from this authority or place.

After reading everything about poker licensing authorities I think you now have a proper or real idea about licensing and the places.