Wayne Yap Wins Macau Poker cup High Roller for $2,292,720

By | March 6, 2016

Wayne YapWayne Yap of Singapore has won the MPC24 Super High Roller event and earned a massive first prize of amount HK$ $2,292,720 .Yap defeated Xixiang Luo of China, who made $1,528,000, being a runner up of the event. The event attracted 114 entries

After 13 hours of the game final table set up with players including Wayne Yap, Quan Zhou, Louis Salter, Ya Hui Xu, Wei Zhao (China) and Vikram Nanda (Hong Kong).

The first casualty was of Wei Zhao of china. It was Quan Zhou, who called and Zhao had to go with an amount $297,000 and finished at ninth place.

The next man who hit the rail was Vikram Nanda made $340,000 at the end of his game being at eighth position for a Preflop call against Louis Salter’s.Ya Hui Xu completed his journey being at seventh position for an amount take home HK$382,000.

Wei Zhang,another Chinese player was able to made $467,000 and complted at sixth place, whereas UK’s Louis Salter got his share of amount $552,000 and busted to fifth place.

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After playing couple more hands of the game Jack Salter got eliminated to third position for an amount $722,000 .

The final elimination from the table before heads up round was of Quan Zhou’s, who got hit against Wayne Yap’s J♠4♣ and took home $934,000 and was the third position holder.

It means the top two players of the game High Roller Wayne Yap and Xixiang Luo played heads up round. After playing almost 10 minutes Wayne Yap had K♣7♥ and Luo had 7♠7♣. The board came 9♦9♣9♥T♣, and Wayne Yap won the match against his opponent Luo and took home a hugh amount of $2,292,720 as first prize.

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