2015 WSOP Championship Title Goes to Loni Harwood

By | August 3, 2015

Loni Harwood, a Pro poker Player from the Staten Island NY has won the fifth ever World Series of poker championship of 2015. The total number of players for this prestigious tournament of 2015 was 122 to which Loni secured herself the first place and got a total prize of $341,599 as a winner of the title.

Harwood won her first ever Gold Bracelet at the top tournament fo world seriesof poker tournament in the year 2013. She then cashed six times and earned a total of $874,698 in that particular year of the gambling event.

Harwood was one of the winner for the $1500, No Limit Hold;em event in the year 2013 where she made a total of $874,698 in her sitting in the year 2013 for her playing at the world series of poker tournaments in Las Vegas.

Loni was indeed very happy after winning this prestigious title for herself. She told in an interview that she wants to shout out loud along with her brother. My brother is my best friend and we two make enormous fun as always together, she added after being asked.

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This particular tournament is one of the most prestigious in the gambling world. The tournament has a unique feature in it. It holds a great enthusiasm in the poker players. The national championship is an invitational tournament only. It means players who are invited are has got an entry can be a participant. There were 100 free seats participant ewer allowed for the event. The minimum prize pool for this particular tournament is of $1,000,000.

Here are some more players who have secured prizes for themselves:-

Alex Masek, A professional poker player wins his share of a very good $211,599. Ha made himself through to the finals and secured the second place for himself. Darryll fish gets a prize of $152,402 whereas Brad St. Vincent, a pro player wins his share of $111,984.