£7.6 million Casino 36 in Wolverhampton is opened, will create 130 jobs

By | November 14, 2016

7-6-million-casino-36-in-wolverhampton-is-opened-will-create-130-jobsA £7.6 million Casino 36 is opened in Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. The government of United Kingdom and Wolverhampton City Council granted license to the casino under Gambling Act 2005.

Making an announcement about this Councilor John Reynolds said that the casino will attract people from various parts of the city and will create at least 130 jobs in near future.

Adrian Ballard, the director of the casino 36 also said the casino will create new jobs and will help boost the night time economy in the city.

As mentioned earlier, up to 130 new jobs will be created in town by casino 36, which will directly help local economy that is already under pressure right now.

Mr Ballard said the casino would be in business for 24 hours and it will have something for everyone such as restaurants, pool, sports bar and snooker for non gamblers.

He also explained that how would this casino expansion help the night-time economy of Wolverhampton and will provide jobs to locals.

The company has handed over an amount of £36,000 to Wolverhampton city council and the money would be spend for counseling programmes on people who have gambling addition and spend lots of their time on gambling places.