Aditya Agarwal Wins Event#50 of TCOOP 2016

By | February 1, 2016

2016 TCOOP $215 NHLEAditya Agarwal wins the event#50 of the Turbo championship of online poker 2016. It was a $215 buy-in deep-stacked Hyper-Turbo, which attracted 2,247 entries. Out of 2,247 entries 1,295 were fresh and unique entries and 1,041 were reentrants.

Top 288 Players got some hare of the prize pool. Agarwal earned $160,000 and his first TCOOP Title. He defeated RamsGold of Costa Rica, who took home $120,000.

Players participated to the final table of the TCOOP 2016 were PokerStars Pro Adi Agarwal of India, RamsGold of Costa Rica, Propheus7 of Switzerland, Sweden’s Martin Jacobson( the WSOP main event Champion), and Lundisgsund of Australia.

Final table Chip Counts for the players:-

Seat 1: Adi Agarwal of India (5,865,669)

Seat 2: BlackCat-IL from Israel (3,053,689)

Seat 3: C. Darwin2 of Sweden (4,944,808)

Seat 4: M.nosbocaJ of United Kingdom (4,319,623)

Seat 5: Pro1612 of Germany (1,294,108)

Seat 6: Lundisgsund of Austria (3,992,386)

Seat 7: RamsGold of Costa Rica (7,852,578)

Seat 8: Propheus7 from Switzerland (8,673,975)

Seat 9: AnyGameSir from Poland (5,833,164)

Adi Agarwal was playing really well since the game took place. He kept the momentum up for all the time although he was an underdog against others.

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The heads up chip counts was in between Seat#1 and Seat#7. Seat#1 belongs to Adi Agarwal with total chip counts to 31,384,844 and seat#7 of RamsGold with total 14,445,156 chips.

The final hand of the game belongs to Adi Agarwal with A♠4♠ and RamsGold 7♠9♣.

TCOOP 2016 ($215 NLHE) result:-

  1. Aditya Agarwal of Pokerstars collected the first prize with title and cash amount of $160,000
  2. RamsGold of Costa Rica i the runner up in the event with total amount of $120,000
  3. Propheus7 was at third position and took home $90,000.
  4. A swedish poker player C. Darwin2 was at fourth place and took doen his share of an amount $62,000.
  5. An Israely BlackCat-IL, made $45,000 and was at fifth place.
  6. AnyGameSir of Poland made $35,000.
  7. nosbocaJ of United Kingdom was at sixth place in the players list and got an amount of $25,000 as his share.
  8. Lundisgsund of Austria made $17,000
  9. A German online poker player Pro1612 was at 9th place with winning share of $9000