Alexender wins Pot Limit Omaha whereas Kevin Wins $5000 NLHE TURBO

By | June 30, 2015

As you know the great world series of poker tournament 2015 is currently going on in Vegas. In this tournament the event number#54 was for Alexander Petersen, a professional poker player from Denmark.

 Alexander wins his first gold bracelet and took the first prize for him to this $10,000 buy-in pot limit Omaha at WSOP 2015 which yielded a great amount of $927,655 to him. There were total 387 entries for this game, generated a cash prize pool of $3,637,800 which is awesome.

 Now till date after winning at this very prestigious tournament Alexander total earning at WSOP has moved on to $927,655. He is a professional poker player and loves to play online poker as well. He is a very happy man and always thought about doing the same one day.

 Second place for this prestigious event of the tournament was Jason Mercier a player from Davie. He took the second place and took a total cash prize of $572,989. Mr. Mercier is a champion. Till date he has won at three WSOP Titles for 2009, 2011 and 2015 and that added a total amount of $572,989 to him.

 The third place to the event belongs to Dan smith a player from the city of Las Vegas. He is a pro player too who loves to play the game all the time. His share for the winning amount was $369,564.


Event #54:- Kevin Machpee From Wins $5000 NLHE TURBO

 Kevin Machpee a pro poker player from Idaho, United States has won a gold bracelet for the event #56 WSOP championships 2015. This particular event was for $5,000 turbo No Limit Hold’em, in which Kevin comes first and took the first prize of a sum total of $490,800.

 Total number of entries to this No Limit Hold’em event was 454 where 54 players were paid, as they were best finishers for the game. The total number of players generates a cash prize pool of $2,133,800. Till date Kevin has appeared to three final tables in this prestigious tournament but this was the first ever gold bracelet victory for the player.

 Kevin was very happy after winning the great shot of the life, he said after the event. This winning makes a grand total earning from WSOP is $1,094,065. He is a professional poker player and loves to play the game. No Limit is one of his favorite to which he relies most on many of the tournaments.

 He is 34 years of age with single marital status. The first prize winner of the event 56 was a very happy man indeed. He said that he was enjoying the game and it was a total fun moment for him.