Anas Tadini Tops Day 1 of 2016 Marrakech Poker Open Main Event

By | March 19, 2016

Anas Tadini tops Day 1 of Marrakech poker openAnas Tadini is leading the Day 1 of the 2016 Marrakech Poker Open Main event with having total 330,000 chip counts. The event got 220 entries and generated a total prize pool of amount 1.914 Million ($200,000), which would be distributed to top 27 places of the main event, whereas the winner is expected to receive the first prize of amount $440,000 MAD of $45,600 on Sunday.

The $10,000 Buy in No Limit Hold’em is very popular and attracted hugh number of entrants at Marrakech. It means top 27 places will be paid at least $1,850.

It took 13 levels of 45 minutes each to produce the chip leader of the day. Anas Tadini kept the momentum up against all his opponents. He was playing very well and two most crucial flips, which helped him a lot to take most of the stacks, were sevens versus ace king and ace king against pockets. The second flip was against Pieyre Maggi which takes him to a hugh chip lead of 330,000.

Out of 220 entries, 69 (almost one third of total) were reentrants which included some tough guys such as Guillaume Darcourt,Paul-Francois and Erwann Pecheux. Many of them somehow made themselves through to the day 2 of this particular Marrakech Poker Open for 2016.

Please take a look at players going to participate on Day 2:-

Anas Tadini leading with 330,000 and followed by him players like Fahd (305,700) and Abdenbi Abida(288,200), Dominique Terzian(235,600), Philippe Ktorza9 198,700).

Ekrem Sanioglu(197,200), Artur Conan(192,700), Alexandre Viard(176,300), Roger Tondeur(172,600), Riccardo Giacalone(170,000), Rodrigo Strong f Brazil 9 125,500), Patrick Groppi(121,300), Barny Boatman of United Kingdok with 110,600 chips.

French Romain Paon is also in the list with 102,000 chips along with Sonny Franco (96,100), Anthony Rodrigues(82,000), Mohamed Ali Houssam(77,500) ,Carlos Lopes and Isabel Baltazar of France (62,000).

We will let you know whoever is going to lead the chip on day 2 of the game and will update you about the winner of the title as well.