Argentinean Nacho “PokerLoans1” Barbero wins Super Tuesday for $92K

By | February 4, 2016

Nacho Barbero wins $92KNacho “PokerLoans1” Barbero of Argentina has won the $1,050 buy in No Limit Hold’em Super Tuesday event at pokerstars and collected the first prize of $92,720. Pokerloans1 defeated gnetaren of swedon, who took home $68,320 at the event.

The tournament attracted 488 players and generated a cash prize pool of $488,000 and it bested the $425,000 guaranteed. Among 488 entries, top 63 players paid out.

Top players participating to the event were Robert “Little Kraut” Deppe of Canada, BARBARVSSA2 of Russia, antispeed of Lebanon, all in 2526 of Israel and Daniel “42ayay” Erlandsson of Sweden

BARBARVSSA2 got eliminated in the very first hand of the game, when katenok3388 opened with a min raise of 11,200. He finished for 9th spot with a share of amount $8,100.

The next elimination from the final table was after 15 minutes and it was “all in 2526” (Israel), who booked at 8th position with an amount $10,980.

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The next couple of eliminations were players of katenok3388 (Russia) and Daniel “42ayay” Erlandsson of Sweden. katenok3388 got 7th spot with an amount win $15,860 and Daniel gets 6th place with an amount $20,740.

Third, fourth and fifth spots belongs to players such as antispeed of Lebanon ($50,020), brights88 ($38,064), and Robert “Little Kraut” Deppe of Canada ($26,840).

Allotments of seats were as follows:-

Seat 1: 42ayay with chip counts 354,750

Seat 2: all in 2526 with chip counts 170,577

Seat 3: gnetaren with chip counts 667,967

Seat 4: antispeed with chip counts 104,451

Seat 5: brights88 with chip counts 222,477

Seat 6: katenok3388 with chip counts 137,140

Seat 7: BARBARVSSA2 with chip counts 132,088

Seat 8: PokerLoans1 with chip counts 171,957

Seat 9: Little Kraut with chip counts 478,593

The final hand took place in between seat#3 and seat#8 i.e. in gnetaren(407,224) and PokerLoans1(192,032,776 chip counts). The final card for gnetaren was J♥6♠ whereas it was 3♦3♥ for pokerloans1, means Barbero had won the game to collected the first prize of $92,720.