Ari Engel of Canada is leading the Final Table of 7 at 2016 Aussie Million

By | January 30, 2016

Ari EngelThe final table of seven players is being set at 2016 Aussie Million. The main event of the tournament attracted 732 players out of which, top 7 finishers are checking their luck out to win this prestigious title.

The top 7 finishers of the games are Ari Engel of Canada and Leading the final table, Tony Dunst(United States), Samantha Abernathy(United States), Kitty Kuo(Chinese Taipei), Alex Lynskey(Australia), Dylan Honeyman(Australia) and John Apostolidis(Australia).

Earlier on Day 4 of the tournament 40 survivors took their chances but many of them got busted. Due to high intensity and tough competition in the game players like Yuki Ko of Japan moved out to 9th place and Zhang moved out to 10th position.

Jack O’Neill, eliminated after a couple of hours of the game started and placed at 19 th position, Jus after his elimination some more top poker players got out from the game table and were placed as follows, Alex Lee (28th), Andrew Bassat(25th), Stephen Chidwick (34 th).


The top seven players/Finishers of the 2016 Aussie Million is as follows:-

Seat 1: Dylan Honeyman of Australia has total chip counts to 885,000

Seat 2: Alex Lynskey of Australia has total chips counts to 2,390,000 and is at seat no#2.

Seat 3: Tony Dunst of the United States of America has chips counts to 5,990,000.

Seat 4: Samantha Abernathy, another US poker player is at seat no#4 with total 2,485,000 chips.

Seat 5: Ari Engel of Canada is having chips number 8,155,000 and is at seat#5.

Seat 6: Kitty Kuo of Chinese Taipei is at the seat#6 of the final table of Aussie Million with having access to total 1,005,000 chips.

Seat 7: John Apostolidis of Australia is at seat#7 and has total 960,000 chips along with him.

The seven players are entitles to play the 2016 Aussie Million Main event on Sunday at 12:30pm. The champion of this prestigious tournament will take home a massive AU$1.6 million of first prize money.