Aspers Casino to Host UK’s First Ever cash Game festival

By | February 28, 2016

Aspers Casino to Host UK’s First Ever cash Game festivalUK’s top poker destination i.e. Aspers casino is going to host a first of its kind cash game festival from March 30 to April 3, 2016. This would be a five day festival, which is expected to attract thousands of players from more than 50 countries and features variety of games with affordable £1/£1 buy ins.

Martin “Franke” von Zweigbergk, the owner of poker Icons is behind this cash game festival, who already managed three festivals like this previously at Tallinn, Estonia and Olympic Casino.

In an interview to poker news Franke said that I’ve been involved in poker tournament since 2006 and know how to run this kind of festival. Enri Orav, a friend of mine and a professional poker player suggested me that we should go further with this kind of poker cash games and we decided to make this possible.

Enri and I created this cash game poker festival and really looking forward to make this tournament a successful one.

Franke further said that there will be winners, live streamed feature tables and buy in tracker for the players and of course there has to be competition weather you playing £200 or £2,000.

You better know that hold’em games are the most popular cash games among UK’s players but if you are a visitor from either United Kingdom or Europe and looking to play your kind of cash games Aspers can fulfill your wishes. As the values are just £1/£1, it should get lots and lots of attention.

“John Scanlon”, The poker room manager of this particular event said, that “Aspers is hugh and amazing and that is why we have chosen to work with him and with his team. This is a 120-hour long Cash Game Festival and definitely be a great one, the manager said. We will let you know further details about the cash game festival.