Australian Dan “djk123” Kelly wins his Fifth Title of WCOOP for $88,102

By | September 19, 2016

Australian Dan "djk123" Kelly wins his Fifth Title of WCOOP for $88,102A pro poker player from Australia Dan “djk123” Kelly has won the event#49 of the ongoing WCOOP 2016. The event was of a $700 buy in No Limit Hold’em Mix Max game, which received 722 entries from worldwide for a guaranteed $500,000 prize pool.

Top 36 places of the game collected some amount of money, but it was Australian “djk123″, who becomes the champion and pocketed most of the money of prize pool i.e. $88,102.

As mentioned, this was the fifth WCOOP tile for the Australian poker pro, who played really till the end on Day 2 and secured the first position. He is the first player who captures five career WCOOP titles.

The first phase of the tournament was concluded after 13 levels of play and 204 players remained in the business for phase 2, while another 12 levels of play took place and then only 36 players survived on the overnight break.

The final table of the game was set, after four hours of play on Day 2 and it included players such as seat#1 for Rossoneri23 from India with total 2,244,078 in chips, seat#2 for pmahoney22 from Mexico with total 910,960 in chips, seat#3 for an Uruguay player Tomatee (1,117,246 in chips).


Seat#4 and seat#5 were for Australian Dan “djk123” Kelly and Mexican EzPaTuLa. They had 2,109,228 and 838,488 in chips, respectively.

The first player who hit the rail was Tomatee from Uruguay, who made $23,750, being at fifth position. He was beaten by Dan “djk123” Kelly.

Then goes EzPaTuLa to 4th place for $32,500, Kelly was playing really well and forced EzPaTuLa to be busted.

The three handed game included players such as Rossoneri23 (988,496 in chips), pmahoney22 (2,469,718 in chips),and djk123 (3,761,786 in chips) for blinds:- 20,000/40,000

Playing against pmahoney22, an Indian Rossoneri23 fell short and it means he eliminated to third position for a total $47,500.

The heads up was among Dan “djk123” Kelly: 4,332,897 and pmahoney22: 2,877,103 and a deal took place in between top two remained players decided that Dan “djk123” Kelly will take home $78,102 while pmahoney22 will take $74,397, whereas $10,000 is left for the winner.