Austrian monzemann wins Event#6, while Germany’s DannyDawkins wins Event#7 of TCOOP 17

By | January 20, 2017

Austrian monzemann wins Event#6 of TCOOP 17An Austrian poker pro named monzemann won event#6 of TCOOP 2017 and collected the first prize of amount $41,176.68 (+ $7,126.50 in bounties), meanwhile DannyDawkins of Germany wins $15,168.67 for event#7.

Event#6 of the tournament was $215 buy-in No Limit Hold’em which received 2,068 players worldwide and generated total prize pool of amount $413,600 ($275,726.44 regular; $137,873.56 bounties). Top 260 finishers made some money from the game.

Monzemann was the ultimate champion who defeated a Russian MrLuckDragon in the heads-up round. The runner-up collected $29,880.97 (+ $4,819.01 in bounties) from the title.

First player who busted from final table was a Canadian 3xcited, who made $3,167.35 (+ $1,541.58 in bounties) from the game for his ninth place,whereas just after his removal another player from Brazil named G1a1u1s1s hit the rail for $4,364.55 (+ $1,899.38 in bounties).

Top seven player of Event#6 of TCOOP 2017:-

    1. monzemann (Austria) $41,176.68 (+ $7,126.50 in bounties)
      2. MrLuckDragon (Russia) $29,880.97 (+ $4,819.01 in bounties)
      3. santi.shrek (Uruguay) $21,684.64 (+ $2,207.70 in bounties)
      4. Stoqnov303 (Bulgaria) $21,684.64 (+ $2,253.13 in bounties)
      5. Grekzorba (Poland) $15,736.56 (+$3,596.66 in bounties)
      6. turistlituan (United Kingdom) $8,267.50 (+$3,258.68 in bounties)
      7. venced0r (Germany) $6,014.25 (+$3,395.91 in bounties)

German DannyDawkins wins Event#7 of tournament:-

The event#7 was a $82 PL Omaha [6-Max, Turbo, Win The Button] event, which attracted 1,305 player and German DannyDawkins wins Event#7 of tcoop 2017generated $97,875 from players. Top 167 places pocketed some amount of money.

DannyDawkins pocketed the first prize of amount $15,168.67,while Brazilian Rafael “R_Caiaffa” Caiaffa received an amount of $9,914 from the tournament for his second position. Third place of this particular match belongs to a pro poker player from the United Kingdom named Ahhh Is It?, who received $6,481.08 from the title.

First player eliminated from the title was KingOfTheSWC of Switzerland who made $1,810 for his sixth place, then goes Limwonster (Germany) $2,769.29 to fifth place and then zilbeee (Brazil) $4,236.50 was booked at fourth place.