Betfair becomes Global partner of FC Barcelona for three seasons

By | July 29, 2016

Betfair becomes Global partner of FC Barcelona for three seasonsBetfair, the premier gambling firm of the United Kingdom and a star stubbed football club i.e. FC Barcelona have joined hands for three years. Betfair will now be one of the global partners of the Club. The deal finalized on July 1, 2016 and will be in used till the end of season 2018-19.

Now after this deal, the Betfair will get access to FC Barcelona players, their Camp Nou stadium, which a hugh capacity of 99,354 seats to promotion or advertising campaign. The deal will definitely help Betfair to gain access to hundreds and thousands of poker or casino players, who wants to bet either online or offline.

Paul Gambrill, The director general of Betfair sad that, we are very happy and delighted to have signed a long term partnership with FC Barcelona. He also mentioned, the club Barcelona is doing great in international competitions and it will help us to achieve of ambition of growing the Betfair brand internationally.

Gambrill said that we are looking forward to work with the super football club and to gain access to international crowd.

Meanwhile FC Barcelna marketing and communication manager Mr. Manel Arroyo said that the club was delighted to join hands with the premier gambling giant Betfair. All the members of the club are excited by this partnership and we hope our fans at Global Platform will love this partnership.

It is good to mention here that Barcelona is one of the most popular football clubs which has millions of fans all over in the world and they are simply one of the best. They participate in tournaments like UEFA Champions League as well as La Liga matches, which are broadcasted on television in entire Europe and in the United Kingdom. The partnership is being appreciated by the finance and market people as well.