Blake Vincent wins the Main Event of 2016 Reno for $46,410

By | June 1, 2016

Blake VincentBlake Vincent, a pro poker player has won the Main event of 2016 Reno $565. The players took home $46,410 being victorious against Loren Cloninger, who got $30,700.

The final day of the event had some of the top poker players of the world including Jason Somerville, who finishes for fourth to the list with total winning share of amount $13,300. The game started at its scheduled time and the first elimination took place when Eric Shiarla played a wrong shot. He made $2,930from the 2016 $565 Reno Main Event against top order.

Here are the final eight players of the event:-

Blake Vincent wins the championship title for $46,410; Loren Cloninger was at second prize winner which was $30,700.

The third, fourth and fifth places of the event belong to players named as Jordan Spurlin (21,500), Jason Somerville (13,300) and Jeffrey Newman ($8,210).

Brian Ebert booked for sixth position for $5,670, Gary Kochalka got $4,300 as a seventh position holder whereas the final big money player (eighth) was Eric Shiarla, who got $2,930.

 Randy Lew wins 2016 Reno Mix Max event

Randy Lew has won 2016 Run it Reno of $235 Mix Max no Limit Hold’em event for $4,300. He defeated Steve Kujubu who took home $2,500 being Runner up of the game. The third, fourth and fifth places won by Nick Aguilera ($1,400), Alex Lavinthal ($1,400) and Danny Alvarez for $650.

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Meanwhile sixth, seventh and eighth places of the event were for Zhihao Zhang, Raphael Bouchard and Michael Flores. They collected $650 each as their winning share from the tournament.

Mix max tournament is getting popularity among poker players and that is why hundreds of players from the corner are taking their chances to win the title of the championship.

Te tournament attraRandy Lewcted total 61 poker players out of which top eighth places were paid, to which Randy Lew becomes the 2016 Reno champion whereas Steve Kujubu  was the runner up of the game.

First player from the final table got eliminated was Michael Flores, who made $650, just after him the player named Raphael Bouchard and Zhihao Zhang hit the rail for 4650 each.

The heads up was among top two finishers i.e. Randy Lew and Steve Kujubu and it was a 2-1 heads up round. That gives Lew the title and a prize money of amount $4,300.