buzzard1881 of Canada wins his second COOP Title for $82 NLHE 6-max

By | January 23, 2016

TCOOP 2016buzzard1881 of Canada has won his second COOP title at event#6 of the $82 NLHE 6 Max turbo and collected the first prize of $17,539.TCOOP is the best online poker tournament hosted by the PokerStars.

The event#6 of the tournament attracted 1,672 players from all around the world and generated a prize pool of $125,400. Out of 1,672 players, 216 players, who won their first two tables – cashed for at least $205.65.

The six winners of four tables were looking to win the title of 2016 TCOOP are as:-

Seat 1: buzzard1881 of Canada had (5,000 in chips)
Seat 2: Avi Popo of Latvia had total 5,000 chips with him.
Seat 3: Knakworst93 of Nederland was having 5,000 chips.
Seat 4: Mrcaimann of United Kingdom had (5,000 in chips)
Seat 5: madnutscrazy of India had total 5,000 chips.
Seat 6: Rodrigo “caprioli” Caprioli (5,000 in chips)

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buzzard1881 played out a real good game till the end and made $17,539, the second, third and fourth positions were for the Mrcaimann of United Kingdom ($14,018), capriole of Brazil ($14,4810 and Avi Popo of Latvia ($7,524.00), whereas the 6th place of the event#6 of TCOOP 2016 is a player of India named madnutscrazy, who collects $3,109.92.

The top 6 players and finalists of the event as follows:-

  1. buzzard1881 of Canada is the champion and got $17,539.45*
  2. Mrcaimann of UK was the runner up and took home $14,018.13*
  3. caprioli of Brazil is at 3rd position and made an amount of $14,481.50*
  4. Avi Popo, a native of Latvia and a pro was at 4th place of the event and made $7,524.00
  5. Knakworst93 of Nederland is at 5th position and collected $5,016.00
  6. madnutscrazy of India is at 6th place and took home an amount of $3,109.92, as winning prize.