Canadian leoc00 wins Event #52 or Sunday warm SE up for $222,159

By | September 20, 2016

canadian-leoc00-wins-event-52-or-sunday-warm-se-up-for-222159Canadian leoc00 wins the event#52 or Sunday Warm up of the ongoing World championship of online poker for $222,159.

The event Sunday Warm up is one of the most popular events at the internet presented by PokerStars. The event is a $215 buy in No Limit Hold’em, which received 7,893 entries on 2 days of the game out of which 5,463 entries were fresh, while 2,430 entries were re entries.

The prize pool generated for the event was a whopping $1,578,600, which smashed the $1M Guarantee and it was distributed to top 980 places of the game.

The runner up of this special edition Sunday warm up event was a German poker professional named Uninc157, who pocketed $154,791.99 from the tournament.

India’s Keenyle was the chip leader on the Day 1, with total 1.6 Million in chips, whereas Grzegorz ‘DaWarsaw’ Mikielewicz, a Team PokerStars pro from Poland and Andre Akkari, another Team PokerStars pro from Brazil finished their day with good number of chips. A total 321 players survived in the game for next day of play.

The Day 2 started on its scheduled time and most of the players were started getting out from the playing arena. After many hours of a packed game, the final table of 9 remained players was decided as follows:-

Seat#1, seat#2 and seat#3 for Froglives from Sweden (10,655,934), Uninc157 from Germany (5,740,117) and Spider91_PL from Poland had (11,598,198).

Seat#4, seat#5 and seat#6 were for ekziter from Belarus (11,118,270), AndTheCircus from Germany (6,015,249), and Brazilian pitaoufmg (9,295,938).

Meanwhile Another Brazilian Stere0Love (32,532,007) was at seat#7, Canadian leoc00 (59,530,119) was at seat#9 and Vitorbrasil from Brazil was at seat#9 with total (11,374,168) in chips.

Final payouts for the Event#52 of WCOOP 2016 (Sunday Warm Up SE)

1-leoc00 wins the championship title for $222,156

2-Uninc157 (Germany) $154,791.99
3. pitaoufmg (Brazil) $107,855.00
4. Spider91_PL (Poland) $75,150.35
5. AndTheCircus (Germany) $52,362.63
6. ekziter (Belarus) $36,484.91
7. Stere0Love (Brazil) $25,421.77
8. Froglives (Sweden) $17,713.15
9. Vitorbrasil (Brazil) $12,342.12