Canadian Linh Tran Wins APPT#10 Manila

By | August 9, 2016

Canadian Linh Tran Wins APPT#10 ManilaA professional poker player from Canada named Linh Tran has won the prestigious Asia pacific poker tour Season#10 Main event played at Manila inside the city of Dreams. The winner collected a trophy and a hugh amount of ₱6,135,000 as winning prize. The runner up of the event was Sam Razavi, who was looking good at the moment but couldn’t be able to convert and completed his journey with wining share of amount ₱3,466,000.

All eyes were on Jessie Leonarez, a third position holder of APPT#9 and a chip leader of the Day 3 in this season as well, but despite being chip leader on the final day, the result was same for him as it was last year, he finished third.

The final tables according to the chips were:-

Seat#1, seat#2 and seat33 for Linh Tran(1,870,000), Mike Takayama(670,000), and Sam Razavi (500,000 chips).

Seat#4, seat#5 and seat#6 were for Seongsu Kong (970,000), Joven Huer (355,000) and Alan King Lun Lau (1,015,000).

Meanwhile seat#7,seat38 and #9 were for Jessie Leonarez(4,595,000), Bruno Tzu Chieh Lo(860,000), and Sangyong Lee(795,000 chips).

The Heads up round was in between Linh Tran with 9,770,000 chip counts and Sam Razavi – 1,770,000.

Meanwhile the first elimination took place at 2:50pm local time and it was of Bruno Tzu Chieh Lo, who finished for ninth place and collected ₱492,450.

Seongsu Kong eliminated to eighth position and collected ₱614,000, being eighth at Level 24 for Blind 15,000/30,000 (5,000 ante).

Then goes Joven Huer, who made ₱738,000 from the tournament and collected at seventh position, at level 25.

In the same level of 25, another player Alan Lau got eliminated to sixth place for ₱934,000 for a blind 20,000/40,000 for which 5,000 Ante.

Sangyong Lee hit the rail to fifth position for ₱1,180,000, after his elimination from the table Mike Takayama was the one who left. Mike Takayama was playing really good and somehow managed to move some very good hands, but at Level 28 for blind 40,000/80,000 (10,000 ante), he got busted because of Trans (A♥7♣), whereas he had K♠8♣. He becomes fourth player in the list with a total winning share of amount ₱1,622,000.

Jesse Leonarez, a third position holder for last year’s season again hit the rail and maintained that position of third for ₱2,139,000.

At the final or Heads up round Trans got A♠A♦, whereas Razvi had A♣2♣ with him, meanwhile the flip landed was 8♣2♠8♠.