Canadian mrswoodwork Cracks Event#44 of 2016 TCOOP and earns $27,343

By | January 31, 2016

TCOOP Final table for $82 NLHEAn online poker player from Canada, mrswoodwork wins the Event#44 or $82 NLHE at 2016 TCOOP and collected the first winning prize of $27,343. The Turbo night came with a $250,000 Guaranteed and was a big hit among players. Total numbers of players to this event were 3,287 out of which top 414 players got paid and took some amount of money.

mrswoodwork, a woman poker player of Canada defeated a player from Malta named as 4Bullè&Pupè9, who took home his share of amount $18,043 at TCOOP 2016.

The final table chips counts for the 2016 TCOOP $82 No Limit Hold’em is as follows:-

Seat 1: Outeiri of Germany with (1,805,724 in chips)

Seat 2: monar31 of Russia seated at #2 of the event with total in chips counts to 1,950,606

Seat 3: marksfive of United Kingdom was at seat#3 and had total (740,062 in chips)

Seat 4: 4Bullè&Pupè9 of Malta with (2,171,497 in chips)

Seat 5: Scrunter101 of Canada was at seat#5 and with total chip counts to 2,342,634

Seat 6: mrswoodwork of Canada with total (3,070,901 in chips)

Seat 7: TakeOverCz, a player from Czech Republic with total (2,150,122 in chips)

Seat 8: DARKYMAK of South Africa with total (171,278 in chips)

Seat 9: CyrusSaissor of Canada with total (2,032,176 in chips)

The heads up chip counts in between seat#4 of 4Bullè&Pupè9 having total 10,698,904 chips and seat#6 of Canada mrswoodwork having 5,736,096 chips.

At the final hand of the game mrswoodwork complete with glorious A♦T♣3♥,  whereas 4Bullè&Pupè9 6♠ 6♦.

Final Table Result:-

  • Mrswoodwork of Canada wins the first prize with an amount $27,343.
  • 4Bullè&Pupè9 of Malta is runner up with amount $18,043
  • CyrusSaissor of Canada is at third place with amount $23,924,
  • . monar31 of Russia with amount $23,304
  • Scrunter101 of Canada with $22,383
  • Outeiri of Germany collected $8,375
  • marksfive of United Kingdom made $5,875.00, being at 7th
    TakeOverCz of Czech Republic is at 8th position and took down $3,380.00
    DARKYMAK of south Africa got his share of amount $2,125.00