Canadian Poker Company all set to launch ‘Poker TV Revolution’

By | December 17, 2016

Canadian Poker Company all set to launch 'Poker TV Revolution'A Canadian Poker Company PokerVision Media is all set to launch its first poker television in the country by 2017.

According to the company the new digital channel is all set to be launched in 2017 and it would be a revolutionary step for Poker in Canada.

The new Poker TV will provide best of the gaming skills to Canadians including bridge poker, gaming-sports, and other sports content.

PokerVision Media says that they are checking out places and are acquiring studio spaces in all over Canada. According to them facilities are already operational in two of Canada’s big cities such as Calgary and Toronto.

The network will broadcast every poker tournament taking place either in Canada or in any parts of the world and it would provide best of the gaming facilities to its viewers across Canada.

A promotional video released by PokerVision Network ensures that everything is fine and the release date of the new digital TV is all set in 2017.

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