Chad “ihaterivers” Walker Wins Sunday Million for $194,371

By | August 2, 2016

Sun_Million_FT_073116-thumb-450xauto-294659A pro poker player named Chad “ihaterivers” Walker from Anguilla wins the Sunday Million held on 31st July 2016 and collected an amount of $194,374. The tournament attracted 6,842 (out of this 5,693 were entries and 1,149 were re entrants0, which generated a cash prize pool of amount $1,368,400. Top 980 places of the event get paid.

The runner up of the event was an Argentinean Conglomo222, who pocketed an amount of $134,518 as winning share.”Ihaterivers” was a third position holder in 2014 SCOOP, but this time he did not missed the chance to become a champion of the game.

The tournament attracted hugh umber of players from all around the world. This was the first big event, held online after the completion of 2016 World Series of poker and hence players looking to win big were participated in the game.

Final table took place after almost eleven hours of game completed and it was like this:-

First, second and third seats of the final table were for Conglomo222, a player from Argentina having 14,445,495 chips, Cäsaro, a player from Austria having 5,940,293 chip counts, whereas zipp1986 from Netherlands had 7,628,293 in chips.

Seat#4, seat35 and seat#6 belongs to players from ihaterivers from Anguilla with 11,614,359, swordfish007 from Austria had 4,057,854 in chips and kefffff from Paraguay, 4,843,345 in chips.

Meanwhile seat#7, seat#8 and seat#9 were for eilev from Norway (2,525,091 in chips), willywonko37 from Russia 97,612,252 in chips), and SuperdupaMAN from Norway had 9,753,195 in chips along with him.

The first player who hit the rail was kefffff from Paraguay, who took home $10,229 being ninth position holder of the event, next one to go was eiley who took home $14,781 being eight.

Russian Manig “swordfish007” Loeser hit the rail just aftr a couple of hands took place in the game and he booked for seventh place with total winning share of amount $21,357. Austrian Cäsaro was at sixth position for total $30,860.

SuperdupaMAN was at fifth place for $44,590 and zipp1986 was at fourth place for $64,430. In the mean time anther Russian named willywonko37 got out from the table for third place with total $93,097.

The heads up was among top two players such as:-

Seat 1: Conglomo222 (17,204,518 in chips)
Seat 4: ihaterivers (51,215,482 in chips)

but it was ihaterivers who won the title of the championship and collected $194,374, whereas Conglomo222 becomes runner up for a total $134,518.