China’s Pan wins MPC23 Red Dragon and HK$2,108,000

By | September 12, 2015

Yue Feng Pan, A Chinese professional poker player wins MPC Red Dragon event and a cash prize of HK$2,108,000. Total number of player to this tournament hosted by pokerstars were 945 to which Mr. Pan got first position and collected first prize as well.

The game was on since the beginning on if and Pan made it really good. He was doing great right from the beginning of the game and did really well to bring fortunate at his doorstep. Yue Pan enters to the game with costiveness and defeated his final opponent Shao Po Liu, who at one time was very close to creating the history. At the end of the game everything worked perfectly for Pan and he got the first position/prize for himself.

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Here are some other final table players of the MPC23 Event hosted by Pokerstars:-

As I earlisr mentioned the first place of the event goes to the china’s Yue Feng Pan who collected a grand prize of $2,108,000. The second position for the event/tournament goes to the player from china as well named Shao Po Liu, he collected his winning share of HK$1,239,520.

The third place for the prestigious tournament belongs to a player named Tse Jui Tsai, from china as well and he collected $750,000, as of cash prize from the pool. The next finalist of the game that is the fourth place belongs to a player named Zhixiong Tan, from china as well who took home – $539,000.

Fifth position/prize of the tournament MPC23 Red Dragon goes to Long Wen Zhu from chna as well and he got his share of $269,500, whereas the sixth position is to Ming Min Wu, who collected $269,500 as winning amount.

Xong Xin Liu, a pro poker player from china booked for 7th position and got a prize of $225,500. Huafeng Gu from china as well did great and comes at the 8th position of the tournament and collected $196,000.

The last player or 9th finalist player for the event is Mr. Bin Wen Ren who got $166,500 in his account as winning cash prize while gambling at MPC23 Red Dragon.