China’s Sixiao Li wins MPC26 High Roller for HK$2,436,000

By | May 19, 2017

China's Sixiao Li wins MPC26 High Roller for HK$2,436,000Sixiao Li, a professional poker player from china is the new champion of prestigious MPC26 High Roller. She collected the first prize of amount HK$2,436,000 (~US$313,867) from the tournament and topped a field size of 130 players.

The runner-up of this event was another Chinese named Xuming Qi and she pocketed a sum total of amount HK$1,646,000 (~US$212,079) from the tournament from the heads-up deal.

It took over seven hours to slash the game to only 19 players out of total 130 entries. Top 17 Positions of the match were paid at least HK$152,000.

The final table of top 9 players was as follows:-

Seat 1: Thomas Ward (New Zealand), 3,465,000
Seat 2: Sixiao Li (China), 4,390,000
Seat 3: Canlin Chen (China), 485,000
Seat 4: Phanlert Sukonthachartnant (Thailand), 445,000
Seat 5: Wayne Yap (Singapore), 1,600,000
Seat 6: Chunqing Wang (China), 715,000
Seat 7: Hong Nan (China), 740,000
Seat 8: Matthew Wakeman (Australia), 560,000
Seat 9: Xuming Qi (China), 600,000

The first player who busted from the final table was Chunqing Wang of china who had total 715,000 chip counts. The player busted to ninth place and before that she generated HK$242,000 from the tournament for ninth place.

Another Chinese player named Canlin Chen hit the rail just after few hands. The player pocketed HK$324,300 for eighth place.

Just after 10 minutes of play a player from Australia named Matthew Wakeman hit the rail to seventh place. He collected a sum total of amount HK$431,000 from the table for his seventh place.

Thailand’s Phanlert Sukonthachartnant departed at sixth position and collected HK$563,000 as total winning share for his place.

However Wayne Yap (Singapore), who at first had total 1,600,000 chip counts busted to fifth place. It was unfortunate for him but he had to left the field for rest of the top four players.