Chris Reslock Wins another Circuit Ring at Harrah’s

By | March 18, 2016

Chris Reslock wins another gold ring at WSOP HarrahChris Reslock of New Jersey won another WSOP circuits gold ring at Harrah Atlantic this week and collected the first prize of amount $16,502.This is his eighth ring win playing at would series of poker circuit, whereas total live earning for the Local Pro has gone passed to $1,934,000. His first live cash was before 20 years ago in July 1996.

A total 220 players participated to this $365 No Limit Hold’em event but it was Reslock, who won this WSOP Title for eight times. Alex Masek is the one who has total nine WSOP circuit rings with him.

Reslock was very happy after this great win at Harrah and said “it’s fun to be competing for something like that”.

Some of the players like Bernard Lee (6th) and Vinny Pahuja (11th) were in the game. The final table included players such as Chris Reslock, Richard Austin Julian Miranda, Khoa Van, Bill Zarinski, Bernard Lee, Gregory Tsanis, Joseph Johanssy and Jason Tulloss.


The Result:-

  • Chris Reslock wins the first prize and collected $16,502.
  • Richard Austin becomes the runner up for $10,198.
  • Julian Miranda was at third position and collected $7,422.
  • Khoa Van was at fourth position for amount $5,489.
  • Bill Zarinski took home $4,123 being at fifth position.
  • Bernard Lee sixth with total $3,145
  • Seventh, eighth and ninth places of the event belongs to Gregory Tsanis($2,435),Joseph Johanssy($1,914), and Jason Tulloss for $1,527.

You should also take a look at Reslock’s previous WSOP Wins:-

  • The first gold ring was back in 2005 for $10,000 championship and he collected $335,235.
  • In 2006, he won $82,170 for $1,080 No-Limit Omaha.
  • In 2008, he won his third gold ring for $550 Omaha Hi-Lo for $30,860.
  • In 2010, he won another ring for event $350 7 Card Stud and took home $7,816.
  • In 2013, he becomes victorious and won $25,480 at $580 No Limit Hold’em.
  • Another ring in 2013 for event named $580 No Limit Hold’em and amount was $18,200.
  • May 2013, he collected $8,820 for event $365 NLH.
  • The eighth WSOP ring was in March 2016 for $365 No Limit Hold’em, where he takes down $16,502 as first prize.