Corey Thompson Wins $1K Turbo No Limit or Even#58 of WSOP 2016

By | July 6, 2016

Corey Thompson Wins $1K Turbo No Limit or Even#58 of WSOP 2016Corey Thompson, a Player from Winter Park, FL, wins the prestigious event#58 of the world series of poker 2016 and collects an amount of $221,163 as first prize with of course the gold bracelet. The event was for $1,000 buy in Turbo No Limit Hold’em, which attracted 1,397 players and generated pool prize of amount $1,257,300.

Top 210 finishers of the game get paid. The game played over for two days and nights and concluded on the main stage of the ESPN. Enrico Rudelitz, from Germany was the runner up of the event and collected $136,651.

The 27 year old player is from winter park and loves to play professional poker games at different poker festivals. This was his 8th cash and first ever gold bracelet win at any WSOP tournament. Total WSOP earnings for the man are now $294,060.

This was an amazing moment for the player Corey Thompson. He says that I am from a working class background and my mother cleans houses for a living. I know what money is because my father mowed grass and did yard work to meet all the expenses.

The player also said that this has been a great year for me. I did a superb job at Heartland Poker Tour last year and collected some amount of money, but winning here at World Series of poker 2016.

Final Table players were as follows:-

Enrico Rudelitz, from Germany collects the second prize for amount $136,651, William Liang, a project manager from Toronto was the third position holder and collected $97,811 as prize, whereas Darren Terazawa, from San Ramon received $70,821 being fourth in the list.

Ankit Ahuja, from Charlotte, NC becomes fifth player of the tournament who took home a cash prize of amount $51,878, and Terry Fan, from Taipei, Taiwan collects $38,452 for sixth place.

Seventh, eighth and ninth places of the $1,000 Turbo No Limit Hold’em belongs to players named as Matthew Chang, from Rockville($28,842), Ryan Pochedly, from Mantua ($21,897) and Benjamin Reinhart, from La Porte wins a total winning share of amount $16,827.