Costa Rican Brian “brianm15” England wins Event#14 of WCOOP 16

By | September 11, 2016

costa-rican-brian-brianm15-england-wins-event14-of-wcoop-16Brian “brianm15” England, a pro poker player from the Costa Rica has won the event#14 of the prestigious WCOOP 2016 and took home the first prize of amount $78,382. The event was $215 buy in No Oimit Hold’em, which reciened 2,684 entries (1,771 entries, 913 re-entries) and generated $536,800 as total prize pool.

The money was distributed to top 332 finishers of the game. England was a happy guy after winning this generous poker event, by beating all of his opponents.

The final table of the game was set and it was like:-

Seat#1 and seat#2 were for RovoDice from Latvia 96,020,679 in chips) and UK’s OMGjonyctt, who had 2,862,146 chips.

Seat #3 and seat #4 were for AussieXXX from Australia (2,862,146 chips) and Bazilian GM_VALTER (2,642,665 in chips).

Seat#5,seat#6 and seat#7 of the final table was for zeruka from Georgia(430,932 in chips), Canadian SLAYA69!!(541,752 in chips) and Sir$aajola from Finland (346,704 in chips).

Meanwhile German engantil was at seat#8 with total 2,455,394 chi counts, and Costa Rican brianm15 was at seat#9 with total 6,548,510 chips.


The first player who hit the rail on Day 2 of the game or from the final table was Nodar “zeruka” Nakaidze from Georgia, who made an amount of $5,598 from the tournament.

Canadian SLAYA69!! Becomes the next man, who got busted to eighth position for $10,829.

Seventh, sixth and fifth posisitions of the match belongs to players from Finland, Australia and Brazil and they were Sir$aajola, collected $10,829.72, AussieXXX received $15,062., while Rafael “GM_VALTER” Moraes made $20,948 from the tournament.

Engantil went to fourth position, because of the Brianm15 hit a set of queens on the flop. He pocketed $29,135.08 from the tournament.

Three handed game included brianm15,Romans, OMGjonyctt and RovoDice .”RovoDice” Voitovs was booked at third position and earned $40,521 from the event. He got busted to third position because OMGjonyctt called, his A♥K♣ against Brianm15 J♥J♠, while the board was K♥4♥2♣7♠9♦.

The heads up then took place among seat#2 and Seat 9. OMGjonyctt had 24,106,986 in chips, while brianm15 (2,733,014 in chips), but after many hands it was “brianm15”, played well till the end and took home the championship. At the end of the day brianm15 had Q♣9♣, OMGjonyctt A♥4♣ and the board came was K♥Q♦2♣8♣9♠.