Costa Rican maxv2 wins $1,000 Main Event of TCOOP 2017 for $489K

By | January 30, 2017

Costa Rican maxv2 wins $1,000 Main Event of TCOOP 2017 for $489KMaxv2 of Costa Rica wins Main event of 2047 turbo championship of online poker and pocketed $489,075.72.

The event#63 or Main event of TCOOP 2017 was $1,000 buy in No Limit Hold’em, which attracted 3,583 players (3,053 entries, 530 re-entries) and generated a whopping $3,412,377 as total prize pool which bested $2.5 million guarantee as well.

Final 395 places of the Main event pocketed some amount of money from the play.

Finland’s Timonpoika claimed second position for a total winnig share of amount $351,648.23, while third place of this superior match belongs to a pro from Russia named v0vapr0 who received $252,837.72.

It just took six hours and forty four minutes for maxv2 to win this prestigious tournament. That winning game him a huge $489,075.72 first prize.

The final table of the game was included players from Hungary, Latvia, Germany, Finland, Malta, Russia, Costa Rica, Russia and United Kingdom and it was as follows:-

Seat 1: Laszlo “omaha4rollz” Bujtas (Hungary) — 24,258,229
Seat 2: Cinguzis (Latvia) — 48,094,624
Seat 3: Álvaro “Varosky” Santamaría (United Kingdom) — 35,587,400
Seat 4: danh’s89 (Malta) — 64,981,065
Seat 5: (Germany) — 40,110,588
Seat 6: Timonpoika (Finland) — 36,178,189
Seat 7: v0vapr0 (Russia) — 55,696,880
Seat 8: maxv2 (Costa Rica) — 24,989,550
Seat 9: AzEsmTzar (Russia) — 28,403,475

The first player busted from the final table of this $1,000 Main event was Álvaro “Varosky” Santamaría of United Kingdom, who not only positioned himself at ninth place but pocketed $34,933 from the title.

Latvian Cinguzis collected $48,585.77 for his eighth position, while Hungarian player Laszlo “omaha4rollz” Bujtas took home $67,573.60 from the title for his seventh place.

Sixth, fifth and fourth positions of the match were for plaers from Russia, Germany and Malta and they were AzEsmTzar (Russia) $93,981.65, (Germany) $130,710.43
and danh’s89 (Malta) $181,792.36.

Top Three positions of $1,000 buy-in No Limit Hold’em Main event:-

1.maxv2 (Costa Rica) $489,075.72
2. Timonpoika (Finland) $351,648.23
3. v0vapr0 (Russia) $252,837.72