Cristiano Ronaldo wins £15,000 for charity, playing against Aaron Paul

By | September 1, 2016

Cristiano Ronaldo wins £15,000 for charity, playing against Aaron PaulCristiano Ronaldo, the world’s best football player from Brazil, who also plays for club Real Madrid, has won an amount of £15,000, playing against former Manchester United forward Aaron Paul.

The winning amount will go to the charity. It was a great day for the Brazilian footballer, because all he did was superb. He shows that he is not only a champion of his own game, but he can do better at poker tables as well.

Ronaldo participated in pokerstars new web series for good causes. He played for “Right to play” while Paul was participating in the game to help “Save the children”.

Ronaldo was allowed coaching by a professional poker player named Vanessa Selbst.

Some other celebrities participating in the game were renowned footballer and Barcelona winger Neymar, John Boyega (actor of Star wars), a model from Victoria’s Secret Sara Sampaio and the miss world Mireia Lalaguna Royo.

Ronaldo was very happy and said that I love to play poker because of the challenges arrives in the game. I love to be challenged and that’s why I’m involved with PokerStars. The player was very excited about the match and expressed his enjoyment for the game.

He also said that “it feels great when you play poker”, It provides me with a thrill, which I normally feel playing at football pitch. I love poker so much and it’s a great fun to be here, he added.

By the way, the great footballer is not available for World Cup qualifier to be played in Switzerland, because of the keen injury. The 31-year-old player is recovering fast from that injury, which happened of the Euro 2016 final against France in the first half.

The coach Fernando Santos is hopeful that, Ronaldo will be available for the next rounds of the game, once he recovers from the knee injury. Check out every bit of details related to United Kingdom poker here at UK poker sites and have fun.