Darluna of Colombia wins The Sunday Million Title and earns $159,483

By | January 18, 2016

The Big Sunday Million event of Pokersars attracted 6,051 players this week and generated a hugh Prize pool of PokerStars Final table$1,210,200, to which a pro poker player of Colombia Darluna did really well and won the championship title as well as collected the first  prize of $159,483. It was a $215 No Limit Hold’em tournament attracted, 6,051 entrants out of which top 900 entrants got some cash prizes, according to their places.

Darluna was leading the table since the beginning of the game and took down the biggest share of the hugh prize pool.

The Final result of Sunday Million’s $215 No Limit Hold’em:-

1st:-darluna of Colombia got first prize of amount $159,483.14 and had 16,857,574 chips to his name.

2nd:-Toroo13 is from Costa Rica and took down a collective 7,573,300 and a cash prize of $105,505.94.

3rd:-untouchble10 a native of Moldova booked for 5,179,253 chips and took home $128,463.80.

4th:-dulek_jason of poland who finally had 2,351,899 chips with him and booked for $90,147.18 of cash.

5th:-Nairam “marjanko89” Kim of Ukraine is another money maker of the event and got 6,220,263 chips with cash prize of $50,828.40.

6th:-Eat_U_Up_ha of Canada got 12,958,648 chips and got $38,726.40 of cash prize.

7th:-Mpa3yka is from Russia and hold 5,147,611 number of chips and an amount of $26,624.40.

8th:-doublefish87 of china had 1,652,490 chips and got the cash amount of $9,379.05 as winning prize.

9th:-Allwill move is another player of russia who got 2,568,962 chips with an amount of $14,522.40.

It took out five hours to play down 900 players to enter the money making machine and at that time a player from Norway Joakim2k was leading the chip count but after a couple more hours only 100 players remained to the main arena and Joakim2k slipped at 439th place with the amount of $435.67 only. Players like Karakousis (16th), dinammo (17th) and madpete2 (18th) got out after a few hours of the game.