David Nowakowski wins Event#57 or $1,500 buy in Pot Limit Omaha

By | July 7, 2016

David Nowakowski wins Event#57 or $1,500 buy in Pot Limit OmahaDavid Nowakowski, a pro poker player from Voorhees, NJ has won the event#57 or $1,500 buy in Pot Limit Omaha High-Low Split tournament and took home the first prize of amount $203,113,as well as his first ever gold bracelet of WSOP. This was the third cash for the player at the series and he has been through just a single final table for that he won the championship also.

The player is a 28 year old guy and loves to play professional poker games especially at Pot Limit Omaha. Timothy Yukson, from Ottawa, ON (Canada) was the runner up of the game and collected a winning share of amount $125,507. Total number of entrants to this particular championship was 732 and they generated a cash prize pool of amount $988,200. Out of 732 entrants, top 110 places collected some amount of money.


The player was quite excited after winning his first ever gold bracelet from any WSOP tournament. He said that I am playing here for five years but took two years off just to play online poker down in Panama. He also mentioned that “I played rush Omaha online, but haven’t played a lot of PLO High Low recently.

The final table was a bit of mixture of players. Some were top professionals and some were amateur, but it was Nowakowski, who did the hob and topped the field size.

Final Nine Places of the game were:-

Timothy Yukson, from Ottawa was the runner up and took down $125,507, whereas Marco Johnson, from Walnut Creek completed his journey to third place for $87,192.

 Fourth, fifth and sixth positions were for James Alexander, from San Antonio($61,519), Kenneth Po, from Seven Hills ($44,094) and Colin Gelker, who got $32,114, being sixth.

Meanwhile Stephen Johnson finished for seventh and got a payout of $23,772, Martin Staszko, from Trinec, Czech Republic completes eighth for $17,890 and Matt Lefkowitz, from Carmel Valley completes for ninth place with total winning $13,691.