Day 11 of WSOP HARSESHOE Baltimore

By | August 31, 2015

The main event of World Series of poker championship is been through to the Baltimore. The event #10 of the tournament which is main event as well of $1,675 is in process. Total 151 players were returned to the casino, whereas 11 players were moved to the next day of the gambling. This was a hectic day for the players looking to make some money while they were gambling at Harbor casino.

Event#11 of the tournament is for $580 No Limit hold’em, where final eight players moved to the next level of gambling.

The Main Event played down to the final 11 players on Sunday, while Event #11 made it all the way down to eight players. There’s still one new ring event beginning Monday, in addition to the two remaining final tables.

 In the event#12 that is for the $365 No Limit Hold’em game of the tournament players associated to play their favorite games. The game took place at 11 a.m whereas players started their game with the help of 10,000 chips each.

Chris Csik leads the day 11 of the WSOP HORSESHOE Baltimore poker championship. As I earlier mentioned total number of players to this particular event were 151 in which 11 players remained till the evening and through to the next day of gambling. Chris is a defending champion of the game and is a professional poker player. He is in the final for second time and back to back.

Chips counted for the day 3 of the main event is as follows:-

The first player who is leading the board is Chris Csik. He has 1,760,000 chips in his account and leading the board. John Gorsuch, another pro poker player got a good number of chips for himself that is 1,235,000 and third position goes to a player named peter lee, he got 1,555,000 chips in his name. check out uk poker sites for each and every poker news and promotions.