Dhr. Awesome of Nederland Wins Super Tuesday for $85,811

By | February 17, 2016

Dhr. Awesome wins super tuesday on 16Feb 16The Super Tuesday event for 2/16/16 goes to “Dhr. Awesome” of Nederlands who have done well at the end of the game and collected the first prize of amount $85,811. Dhr. Awesome defeated Corey “Corlusion” Kempson of Australia who got his winning share amount $75,034. The event $1,050 No Limit Hold’em was hosted by PokerStars. Total 481 entrants participated to the event and generated a cash prize pool of $481,000 out of which top 54 places got paid with some amount of money.

As the name suggest Dhr. Awesome is not just good but he is awesome. He played like a champ and won the title bydeating rest of the 480 players.

After nine hours of playing top 9 players remained at the final table and were looking to win this championship. The sitting plan for the players are as follows:-

Seat1# belongs to Kory “s00tedj0kers” Kilpatrick of Costa Rica had 101,492 chips.
Seat#2 belongs to mrAndreeew of Sweden, who had 116,035 chips.
Seat 3: NEED100KFAST of Sweden had 569,338
Seat 4: fred_volpe of Brazil had 113,894 chips
Seat 5: Fred_Brink of Denmark had 204,821
Seat 6: SFisch4 had 133,382
Seat 7: Corey “Corlusion” Kempson of Australia having total 202,195 chips
Seat 8: Dhr. Awesome of Nederland’s having 725,943 in chips
Seat 9: Zachary “zackmorris99” Morris of Mexico having 237,900 in chips

This was an awesome achievement by the Dutch player who had another Super Tuesday title in his account back in the year 2014.

The first elimination from the final table was of Brazilian fred_volpe, who made a mistake and got out with his share $7,984 being at ninth place.

Zachary “zackmorris99” Morris of Mexico hit the rail and took down $10,822 and finished at eight positions. Then comes the time for Fred_Brink to got eliminated with an amount take home $15,632 for seventh place.

mrAndreeew was lucky enough to survive besides doing a few mistakes but ultimately hit the rail and finished at sixth place for an amount $20,442.

The fifth, fourth and third places of the tournament go to NEED100KFAST of Sweden ($26,936), SFisch4 of Canada ($38,480) and Kory “s00tedj0kers” Kilpatrick of Costa Rica ($50,505).

The heads up round took place in between players Dhr. Awesome (seat#8, 1,686,728 chips) and “Corlusion” (seat#7, 718,272).

“Dhr. Awesome” becomes the champion and collected $85, 811, whereas “Corlusion” of Australia was runner up and took home $75,034.