Dragonara Casino reopens for players after an investment of €10 million

By | August 1, 2016

Dragonara Casino reopens for players after an investment of €10 millionOne of the premier casinos of Malta named Dragonara Casino is now in operation after a hugh investment of amount of €10 million in its gaming area and in infrastructure.

Johann Schembri, The managing director of Dragonara Gaming Ltd explained how the things were in process and how the redesigning phase of the Dragonara Casino took place. He said that “we have worked with some of the leading casino resorts to produce one of the best in the city” and we have done this. It would help in enhancement of tourism, he said.

He also said that the entire casino has been redesigned in a new way, so that casino players can feel good experiences here, the live tables of the casino are redesigned in a great way.

The casino’s €10 million investment features a new poker room for poker players looking to play live pokeer or cash games at casino. Using that poker room, a player can play poker against the unique backdrops of the views of St George’s Bay.

€10 million investment also features new VIP lounge for private or VIP players and a sports betting lounge as well.

Schembri said that we have introduces some of the best in the world Slot products from world’s best suppliers, so that anyone out in the casino wants to enjoy the game of chance at slot machine, can do it without any problem. The machines are highly impressive.

The Director also mentioned that how the casino is receiving top and most of the VIP players of the city and of the world market, and hence decided to invest a real good amount to their VIP Lounge as well as to their sports betting area.

Now according to the reports, the Dragonara Casino, which was already doing well in casino, will be one of the most sought casinos in the Europe for sure.