EPT#12: Romanian Wins €25K High Roller for €1.19million

By | May 7, 2016

Alexandru PapazianThis is what I called a great game with luck. Alexandru Papazian, a Professional poker player from Eastern Europe i.e. Romania has won the prestigious €25,000 High Roller Event at European Poker Tour’s season 12 and collected a Hugh cash prize of amount €1,197,000. The player defeated a Greek player named Alexandros Kolonias, who took home €805,900 being the runner of the event.

The prestigious EPT Grand Final €25K high roller event took place from May 4 to May 6 in Monaco, which attracted 231 worldwide players. Out of 231 players 175 were unique, and rest of the 56 entries was re entrants. The big player database generated a cash prize pool of amount €5,659,500, distributed to top players. This is the biggest cash win by any Romanian in the history of poker. He breaks the record of all time money lists in Romania by topping other 1,701 countrymen.

It was not an easy game for the winner because most of the top poker professionals participated to this super high roller event including Ivan Luca, American Anthony Zinno, Eddy Maksoud of Lebanon, UK’s Max Silver and Brazilian Rafael Da Silva.

The tournament attracted Hugh number of players participated to the game, but only 12 could able to make it for the final day of the game. Zvi Stern of Israel was leading with the chips 1,638,000; Max Silver of UK (1,342,000) was the runner up.

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Final eight players of the EPT12 €25K Super High Roller were:-

Imad Derwiche of France eliminated to eight places just after the game begin and collected €147,710.

UK’s Max Silver was the next man to hit the rail for a total €202,050 (seventh Position).

Anthony Zinno collected €276,750 being at sixth place.

The fifth and fourth positions of the event belong to players named as Lebanon Eddy Maksoud (€364,500), Israeli Zvi Stern (€460,700) and Rafael Da Silva Moraes of Brazil for €568,200.

Meanwhile the heads up round took place among Alexandros Kolonias and Alexandru Papazian, but it was Papazian who kept his momentum up all the time and played like a champ to defeat the Greek player and collected championship title along with the first prize which was €1,197,000.