Finland’s Niko Soininen on the top on Day 1 for €10K Event in EPT13 Prague

By | December 9, 2016

Finland's Niko Soininen on the top on Day 1 for €10K Event in EPT13 PragueThe European poker tour started in Prague and it is a great privilege for players to participate in €10,000 buy-in No Limit Hold’em event in the starting of the game.

This is a new kind event addition to EPT and that would give players to go for high stake games.

The first day of the European Poker Tour event in Prague attracted 96 fresh entries +15 re entries. It means 111 players already registered themselves for the play and out of that 77 players are remained in the business to play on second day of the tournament.

EPT Malta attracted just 60 players on first day of the game but EPT Barcelona attracted 240 players. Hence this EPT Prague is ahead of Malta but low against Barcelona.

The second day of the event will attract more players because registrations are on for this tournament.

At the end of the day Finland’s Niko Soininen is on the top because of his hugh pot win against other players. He will return in the game tomorrow with his total 230,100 chip counts.

He is the only player who has more than 200,000 chip stacks with him and no one is even around him.

Two PokerStars professionals named as Luca Pagano and ElkY are in play with their 91,900 and 38,300 chip counts. The first player got busted from the €10,000 buy-in was Tuna.

The game started on its scheduled time on 6:00 p.m. with players including Nicola D’Anselmo, Isaac Haxton, Orpen Kisacikoglu, Sam Grafton, Daniel Dvoress,Niall Farrell, Ivan Banic and Brian Senie.

Some Notable players survived for Day 2 are as follows:-

Ivan Banic is at second position with total 180,200 chip counts.

Paul Newey is having a total number of chip counts i.e. 158,300.

Thomas Muehloecker: 157,200
Brian Senie: 146,600
Akin Tuna: 131,200
Steffen Sondtheimer: 128,300
Charlie Carrel: 118,900
Daniel Dvoress: 104,600
Niklas Astedt: 102,400

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