Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo joins hands with PokerStars

By | May 28, 2015

The great footballer and living legend Cristiano ronaldo has join hands with PokerStars reported in their blog recently on 27th may. He is one of the most successful footballers in the world who have won many titles including FIFA best players and, world player of the year award.

He is from Portugal but plays for the club Real Madrid, Spain.

As of now the news is confirmed but sometimes ago in the month May the great footballer has published a photo of himself playing deck with PokerStars and at that time it was not clear that weather PokerSars and the footballer Ronaldo had made a tip up or collaboration to work closely but now it is confirmed by both the parties.

He as an athlete named second highest paid in the year 2014 by Forbes with the net income of $80 Million. He had endorsed many top brands before this particular deal including Coca-Cola and Tag Heuer to name a few.

He has said that although football is my love and everything but poker is my game.

I just love to play poker whenever I am free with friends and family. It is a great pleasure for me to hang on with the game. He said that he is playing poker games since few years and he is very fond of this great game indeed.

He said that he love all the contention, the strategy and fun involved in this game. He also included that he is very excited to joining the team and will play onlineĀ  and live poker in future as well to his followers in an interview.

As the decision is being taken and Cristiano had joined the team PokerStars, the company will definitely gain many advantages because of Cristiano fans.

The star player has a great fan base of over 35 Million of twitter whereas more than 100 million followers of Facebook, the company will gain more popularity throughout the world without any doubt.

According to the company the player will represent many live tournaments and take part in many poker rooms in future, just to attract as many fans at the playing table.