Four Way deal decided Germany iyisinabi will take $440,000 for 12/26/16 Monday Million

By | December 28, 2016

Four Way deal decided Germany iyisinabi will take $440,000 for 12/26/16 Monday Million German professional poker player iyisinabi becomes latest Monday Million champion. Due to Christmas Sunday Million was postponed for a day and then it took place on Monday and called as Monday Million.

The $215 buy-in NL Hold’em tournament played on 12/26/16 and attracted 23,697 players from across the world.

The event generated a whopping $4,739,400 as total prize pool, and crossed guaranteed $2,000,000 easily, which was distributed among top 3.941 finishers.

A total of 2,672 players remained in business after at least five hours of play, whereas only 118 players remained in the game after 10 hours of play.

Game was on for another hour before final table set. The final table of the game included players from Germany, Brazil, Norway, Romania, New Zealand, Russia and Colombia.

Two players were from Russia, two from Brazil and the winner was from Germany.

Final table was as follows:-

Seat#1 was for New Zeeland’s psycho_ginga (8,140,760 in chips),seat#2 was for Brazilian ohanaaa (22,090,496 in chips) and third seat was for Norway’s vedholm (4,122,846 in chips).

Seat#4,seat#5 and seat#6 were for players from Brazil, germany and Russia and they were kopakabritu (54,607,404 in chips), iyisinabi (67,466,534 in chips) and Di Klu (16,344,560 in chips).

Meanwhile seat#7,seat#8 and #9 belongs to players named as Mars161 (2,778,882 in chips), MADnesS100 (52,865,552 in chips), Ospinav (8,552,966 in chips).

It was russian Mars161 who got his seat booked at ninth place. He pocketed an amount of $34,565 from the title, while next to him was another Russian named Di Klu. He moved out with $48,073 for his eighth place.

Colombian Ospinav was the next player who hit the rail and was out from the table. He made $66,861 from the game.

Sixth, fifth and fourth positions were awarded to players named psycho_ginga, MADnesS100 and vedholm ($218,930).

A Four way deal took place among remained players which left $40,000 for the winner.

Top Four Positions of 12/26/16 Monday Million:-

1. iyisinabi (Germany) $440,000.85*
2. ohanaaa (Brazil) $312,000*
3. kopakabritu (Brazil) $291,000.66*
4. vedholm (Norway) $218,930.34*