Gaming Company Playtach will continue to seek more deals

By | August 26, 2016

Gaming Company Playtach will continue to seek more dealsOne of the UK gambling giant and gaming software provide for online poker and casino site i.e. Playtech will seek more deals in future. The chief executive officer for the gaming and finance division of the company Mr. Mor Weizer said that, we will pay at least 150 million euros to our shareholders.

Mr. Weizer also said that we have acquired two companies since May 2016 and and will continues to make more deals in near future.

The two gaming companies which have been bought by Playtech are Best Gaming Technology for an amount of 138 Million euros and Quickspin AB (a Swedish gaming company).

In an announcement made by the company’s authority which says that the company will pay 46 euro cents per share as special dividend on December 6, which will be organized from the company’s hugh stock pile of cash which is 777.6 million in June.

The company said it would pay 46 euro cents per share as special dividend on Dec. 6, which would come from its cash pile that stood at 777.6 million euros as of June 30.

Playtech is world’s biggest software provide for online poker, casino and sports betting services.

Online Gambling faces many regulations and higher tax rates in many countries and hence companies dealing within this sector are making their ways towards other option and that’s why gaming giants like Playtech has the opportunity to seal more deals in future.

The company’s shares rose up by 5%, after making this announcement in public. The revenue for the company has risen up to 337.7 million euros in first six months of this current year, which was just 286 Million last year for the same period of time.

Teddy Sagi, the Israeli Billionaire, who founded the company, hiked his interim dividend by 15 percent. Looking to play poker in UK? Check out UK poker sites for the same and get ready to claim best of the bonuses.