German prallimall wins 8/9/16 Super Tuesday for $62K

By | August 12, 2016

German prallimall wins 8/9/16 Super Tuesday for $62KAn online poker player from Germany prallimall has won the latest Super Tuesday event took place on 8/9/16 at PokerStars. The winner collected a sum total of $62,322, as first prize.

The event of $1,050 buy in No Limit Hold’em attracted 377 entries and generated $377,000 as prize pool and easily crossed $325K guarantee. Top 53 finishers of this event get paid. Canadian MrP0P was the runner up of the game and pocketed $57,322.

The game started on its scheduled time and just after 40 minutes of play, most of the players got eliminated and the field size was 54.

The field shrunk down to 18 players, after two hours and david owie was the one who collected $3,374, being 18th player in the list.

A couple of players like Rafael “GM_VALTER” Moraes (1,471,145) and BOOGANDEHAH(1,901,197) had over 1 million chip counts.

The final table of the game was set with players remained such as:-

Seat#1 was for HateLove888 (Finland who had 383,630 chips).

Seat#2 was for PhilRoyal888 (United Kingdom with 870,622).

Seat#3 was for Rafael “GM_VALTER” Moraes (Brazil with 1,471,145).

Seat#4: Canadian MrP0P with 1,192,993

seat#5,seat#6 and seat#7 were for dawid8702 (Poland, 578,338), prallimall (Germany, 1,226,369 ), and BOOGANDEHAH from Canada with 1,901,197 chips.

Meanwhile Seat#8 and seat#9 were for saks80 from Lebanon having 1,414,770 chip counts, and Brazilian riversouza (385,933).

The first player who hit the rail was HateLove888. He eliminated to ninth place for an amount $5,830.After a couple of hands Brazilian riversouza got busted to eight place for $7,940.

About half an hour later UK’s PhilRoyal888 made a mistake and for this, he had to go. He completed his journey to seventh place for 10,814.

Sixth, fifth and fourth eliminations were of players like Rafael “GM_VALTER” Moraesm, who collected $14,727, saks80 from Lebanon, who collected $27,313 and BOOGANDEHAH (the chip leader) was set to third position for $37,197.

The heads up round was among prallimall, who was ahead with 5,030,515 and MrP0P had 4,394,485. They talked about a possible deal and it just came after anther hand, Raised by prallimal and called by MrP0P.