Germany’s Stefan Schillabel wins €10,000 NL Single Re-Entry of EPT13 Prague

By | December 11, 2016

Germany’s Stefan Schillabel wins €10,000 NL Single Re-Entry of EPT13 PragueThe most prestigious event of European poker tour#13 Prague i.e. €10,000 NL Hold’em Single Re-Entry belongs to a pro poker player from Germany named Stefan Schillabel.

A four handed deal took place among remaining players and it was decided that German Stefan Schillabel would take home the first prize of amount €248,046.

The €10,000 + €300 but in No Limit Hold’em event took place from December 8-10, 2016 in Prague and received 108 entries from different parts of the world.

Number of re-entrants to this first big event of EPT#13 was 25 and they created a good total prize pool of amount €1,290,100

Spanish Sergio Aido was able to climb big in heads up round against Schillabel but it was not that big and he finished at second position for a total winning share of amount €177,965.

Many of Stefan Schillhabel’s friends were sitting around him at the heads up round and cheered for him using his nickname.

The first player who hit the rail and became the eighth position holder in this event was Canadian Francois Billard. He pocketed a good sum of amount €43,220. This is at least four times return on investment for him.

Next man gone was Russian Konstantin Uspenskiy, who came here to make a difference and did well at the end to receive an amount of €57,400 as wining total. He completed his journey at seventh position.

Sixth, fifth positions belongs to players from Canada and United states and they were Francis-Nicolas Bouchard, who made €75,090 and Brian Senie, who took home €95,200 as winning total.

Brian Senie was once the chip leader in the game but couldn’t kept his momentum and got busted to fifth place.

The rest of the remaining four players i.e. Stefan Schillhabel, Aliaksei Boika, Sergio Aido and Charlie Carrel talked a bit about traditional ICM rules and decided to each giving up a portion of the €25K proportionate to their chip stacks.

The game started again and it was Aliaksei Boika of Belarus who hit the rail to fourth position for his total winning share of amount €218,944.

Stefan Schillabel received €248,046 for his first position in the game, Sergio Aido took home €177,965 for his second position, whereas a top and well known poker player of United Kingdom named Charlie Carrel received an amount of €159,548 for his third position.

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