Global Poker League Player Profile Part 1

By | March 4, 2016

GPL:Player ProfileGlobal Poker League (GPL) Draft is out for 12 different teams from around the world. Each team has chosen four international poker pros. Here is some detail about the players, participating in GPL Teams i.e. Rome Emperors, Montreal Nationals, New York Rounders, San Francisco Rush, Las Vegas Moneymakers and Sao Paulo Mets.

Rome Emperors:-

Player NameCountryBest Live earningTotal earningGPI Rank
Mustapha KanitItaly$1,048,243$6,065,33548th
Dario SammartinoItaly$782,465$3,266,92447th
Timothy AdamsCanada$636,088$2,676,915444th
Walter TreccarichiItaly$193,590$819,05393rd

To 2 players:-:- Mustapha Kanit and Dario Sammartino

Low Rankers: – Walter Treccarichi and Timothy Adams.

Montreal Nationals:-

Player NameCountryBest Live earningTotal earningGPI Rank
Mike McDonaldCanada$1,701,808$12,981,820506th
Martin JacobsonLondon, Sweden$10,000,000$15,101,979306th
Pascal LefrancoisCanada$635,011$2,577,792982nd
Xuan LiuCanada$600,000$1,654,626295th

Top Two:- Mike McDonald and Martin Jacobson

Below Two:- Pascal Lefrancois and Xuan Liu

New York Rounders:-

Player NameCountryBest Live earningTotal earningGPI Rank
Jason MercierUSA$1,622,181$16,422,5633rd
Tom MarcheseUSA$1,574,518$12,404,01221st
Kevin MacPheeUSA$1,356,429$5,444,37015th
Jason WheelerUnited States$418,122$2,384,78232nd

Top Rankers:- Jason Mercier and Tom Marchese

Below Two:- Kevin MacPhee and Jason Wheeler

San Francisco Rush:-

Player NameCountryBest Live earningTotal earningGPI Rank
Phil GalfondUnited States$817,781$2,339,619599th
Tony GreggUSA$4,830,619$10,629,759104th
Kitty KuoChinese Taipei$189,018$1,091,426200th
Anton WiggSweden$672,818$2,016,043381st

Top Two:- Tony Gregg and Phil Galfond

Below Two:- Kitty Kuo and Anton Wigg

Las Vegas Moneymakers:-

Player NameCountryBest Live earningTotal earningGPI Rank
Anthony ZinnoBoston, USA$1,122,196$5,355,9857th
Jonathan DuhamelCanada$8,944,310$17,592,80226th
Jake CodyEngland$1,213,194$4,132,822571st
Jonathan LittleUSA$1,120,310$6,257,741126th

Top Two:- Anthony Zinno and Jonathan Duhamel

Below Two:- Jake Cody and Jonathan Little

Sao Paulo Mets:-

Player NameCountryBest Live earningTotal earningGPI Rank
Darren EliasUnited States$843,744$3,505,31946th
Byron KavermanUSA$727,860$6,757,8552nd
Thiago NishijimaBrazil$546,843$1,804,602260th
Joao Pires SimaoBrazil$85,364$510,020549th

Top Two: – Byron Kaverman and Darren Elias

Below Two:- Thiago Nishijima and Joao Pires Simao

The players listed/featured in the GPL teams are successful and most followed players.