Global Poker League Player Profile Part 2

By | March 5, 2016

Global Poker League PlayersThere are 12 teams participating in Global Poker League. Top six were mentioned in Global poker League player profile 1 and other six teams with their players and ranking are mentioned here in this article. Please take a look on players having chosen by teams such as London Royals, Moscow Wolverines, L.A. Sunset, Berlin Bears, Paris Aviators and Hong Kong Stars.

London Royals:-

Player Name          Country                 Best Live earning   Total earning  GPI Rank

Igor Kurganov         Russia                      $1,559,373                      $10,218,893        47th

Vanessa Selbst        United States         $1,823,430                      $11,728,256        455th

Chris Moorman       England                  $1,068,690                      $4,107,678           681st

Justin Bonomo         USA                        $2,165,217                      $9,690,051           4th

Top 2 Players: – Igor Kurganov and Vanessa Selbst
Low Profile: – Chris Moorman and Justin Bonomo

Moscow Wolverines:-

Player Name                      Country      Best Live earning       Total earning    GPI Rank

Dzmitry Urbanovich           Poland         $1,595,368                   $4,828,346                    22nd

Vladimir Troyanovskiy      Russia          $792,180                      $4,199,228                    45th

Andrey Pateychuk              Russia          $937,530                      $2,936,768                    154th

Sergey Lebedev                  Russia          $466,970                      $1,324,471                     179th

Top 2 Players:– Dzmitry Urbanovich and Vladimir Troyanovskiy
Low Profile:- Andrey Pateychuk and Sergey Lebedev

L.A. Sunset:-

Player Name          Country                 Best Live earning      Total earning      GPI Rank

Fedor Holz                Germany                 $3,463,500                    $7,549,491                 13th

Olivier Busquet         USA                        $1,188,996                     $6,857,078                  93rd

Eugene Katchalov     Ukraine                   $2,482,605                  $8,669,109                   227th

Chance Kornuth        USA                        $641,140                        $3,650,454                  65th

Top Players:- Fedor Holz and Eugene Katchalov and Olivier Busquet

Berlin Bears:-

Player Name          Country                 Best Live earning      Total earning      GPI Rank

Brian Rast                 United States          $7,525,000                     $16,313,290              64th

Sorel Mizzi                Canada                    $2,073,868                       $11,148,822              122nd

Dominik Nitsche       Germany                 $654,797                         $5,559,122                 6th

Jeff Gross                 USA                        $414,770                            $2,483,051                  86th

Top 2 Players:- Brian Rast with Sorel Mizzi and Dominik Nitsche

Low Profile:- Jeff Gross

Paris Aviators:-

Player Name                Country            Best Live earning         Total earning       GPI Rank

Bertrand Grospellier       France               $2,000,000                       $10,992,427                277th

Davidi Kitai                     Belgium             $930,816                              $6,913,453                  12th

George Danzer               Germany           $388,523                              $2,249,980                  343rd

Mike Leah                      Canada              $1,047,638                             $5,192,326                  0th

Top Players:– Bertrand Grospellier, Davidi Kitai and Mike Leah
Low Profile:– George Danzer

Hong Kong Stars:-

Player Name          Country                 Best Live earning       Total earning    GPI Rank

Weiyi Zhang              China                      $51,262                          $257,873                    610th

Raiden Kan              Hong Kong              $160,591                        $908,891                    262nd

Dong Guo                 China                       $230,487                        $565,686                    424th

Bryan Huang           SingaPore               $153,841                        $854,703                     466th

Top 2 Players: – Raiden Kan and Bryan Huang

‘Low Profile:- Weiyi Zhang with Dong Guo

In my opinion each and every teams has done superbly and they have chosen some real good players.