How to beat Micro Stakes Poker

By | April 29, 2015

Micro stakes in poker can be a very important gaming step for a new or beginner player. You don’t have to deal with any so called professional player; it means you can easily beat the game. It can really be a nice idea for you as a player to learn the things in a proper way to beat the game which would lead you towards bigger and better results in future.

If you are an expert player of the game you can go your own way using your own style of playing such games but if you are a beginner of the game I would suggest you to stick to the basics and does try to be a loose style play rather you should with aggression. You can go forward with a few strong hands and if it does not suit you, you may then check and fold. You can play TAG NIT or tight aggression nit. Below are a few hands you should learn whenever going to play micro stakes poker and the first of them is:-

Play Pocket pairs: – In this particular hand of the game you can play using big pockets just to make an overpair and try to bet as much possible to get value from your opponents. If you don’t getting the point that you thought previously just show down cheaply or fold. The next hand can be very good for you are playing un-nominated hands.

Playing Un-dominated; – It would really do well for you if you are playing with un-dominated hands. In that case your opponents will try to dominate you with the real tough cards such as ace, queen or nine. It will definitely do well for you and your opponents would do a bigger mistake.

Now in such games you should also know how to play for post flop? It is very common in such kind of online gambling is that a player who has strong hands or cards will mainly go for the raising or more of the betting as well as the same time if a player does not have strong hand or having weak hands he would probably go with the call or fold option. In that case whenever you got to this point you should bet with your strong hands and then you can beat your opponents out.

Position: – One more strategy to do good at micro stake or any online poker is the position. If you are at a better position, the chances of winning would be increased. The better position in gambling can be from where you can bet call or raise. If you are acting last you can do good and it can be a bigger advantage.

You can also have the chance of initiate the games. Having the chance you can do check or call. Try to gain advantage of having initiatives. You should also look for your opponents and other players who are playing for too many hands and are otherwise calling too many bets.