How to play poker: Important tips to implement for beginners

By | October 22, 2016

How to play poker: Important tips to implement for beginnersSome say that poker is a game of chance. Some say that poker needs some quality tips and strategies to crack them down.

For some people poker is a great way of entertainment and for some it is a great way which can fulfill their best wishes.

But one thing is sure that if you are looking to play real money poker than you will have to play strategically well and should have the ability to read the cards. Either you are checking your destiny at online poker sites or at brick casinos, you need real gambling tips.

The first tip of playing real money poker is to know basic rules of the game. You should know that poker is played from a standard pack of 52 cards.

These cards are ranked as per their importance and from top to bottom. Cards starts from Ace, King Queen and ends to 3, 2 and ace such as (Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace).

Ace is a card which can be used as high or low but normally it is high. The four suits of the cards are hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades and they are all of equal ranks.

All poker hands can contain three or five cards and the highest hand wins at last.

After knowing some basic rules of the game, the second thing is to know about your playing limits.

As a beginner you should keep on checking your bankroll and should not change your mind in middle of the gambling.

I mean, the first thing while you playing poker is to set your bankroll up. Suppose if you have created a bankroll of amount £1000 to any certain poker website or at any brick poker table, you should only play tournaments for which buy in are less than £10, at least for the first few tiles, or until you know how online poker exactly works.

Avoid playing poker when you are drunk, demoralize or facing any negativity, and you should always keep in mind that patience is very important in poker.

Some of the Best hands of poker are Royal flush (a straight from ten to Ace of the same card suit), Straight flush (five cards of same suite and if they are in strength), Four of a Kind (name suggest, four cards of same rank from all four suits), Full House, Flush, straight, Three of a Kind (three cards of same rank), two pair( two cards of same rank is better),one paid and high cards.

There are basically three steps while you are betting on a poker game such as call (to bet to match your last time’s bet) Raise (to put more money on the pot) and fold ( to drop out from current hand).