How to run for a Home Poker game or tournament

By | July 27, 2015

If a poker player is new to the game, he does like to play poker at home. This gives some basic knowledge to the player which can be utilized in some more advance way, whenever you visiting an online poker site or going to check out brick casino places.

It is very important to know the basics of the games before you are moving towards for real money poker games. The more you play and practice at your own place the more you will learn the process of gambling.

Now here in this article I am going to point out some important factors which will add values to your home game and playing skills. Please take a look.

If you are new then it should be very simple:– The most important thing of playing poker at home or organizing a home poker game tournament is the crowd. You should avoid any big enrollment to the game.


The lesser the number of player the bigger you will understand the game without getting in any problem. I would also like to add here that you should make the buy ins simple. The buy ins department should be dealt by only one person, because if one person holds the right to do this for the management will be. It means the first point to host a successful home poker game is to maintain the peace.

If you are as a host setting up $0.5/$1 game with $100-200 of buy-in, it will always be a good idea.

How things go easy for you as a cash game Host:

Cash poker games are very easy to go with. Being a host you will feel the charm of the game. It will not take anything from you it means one thing is pretty much clear the setting up a cash poker game is not a big deal. You can do it and can learn the basics for your own shake.

The games for $0.5/$1, there should be a maximum of 100 big blinds and the buy in for the game or tournament should be a maximum of $10.

Home Poker Tournament:

Single poker tournament is doing very good at home games. It is very crucial to go with it at your own place or at our home. You can it in a better way if you are hosting a single table only at least for the first few times.

The tournament clocks are very important and play a crucial role for your tournament time management.As a host you should follow some etiquette as well. Because it is a home game and players joins you for having fun and enjoyment and hence you should do anything unpredictable.