Hungarian greengrass67 wins Sunday Warm Up for $76K

By | April 11, 2016

greengrass67 wins sunday warm upThis week’s Sunday Warm Up goes to greengrass67, a pro poker player from Hungary. He took home a cool $76,124 as first prize and defeated an Austrian TISSO1709, who collected $57,175, being a runner up of the event. April 10th Sunday Warm Up attracted 2,409 entrants and generated $481,000 as prize pool. Top 360 places of the event were paid.

The final table was set after nine hours of the play completed. The finalists were as follows:-

At Seat#1,#2 and #3 were allotted to players like BaNe.TrEnD(1688751 chips), mmetsla (937771) and menglong (1895751).

Seat#4,#5 and #6 were for MaxBMM (1012956), OverTheTop43 (4535853) and TISSO1709 (3801016).

Meanwhile seat#7,#8 and #9 were for kimokh (5462119), lulDocuments (2189659) and greengrass67 (2566124).

The first one to leave the ground was MaxBMM of Ukraine, just after seven minutes past of final table. He collected $4,095 and completed his journey to ninth position. He had 8♠8♦, with him, whereas TISSO1709 had A♥K♦. The board was 4♥ T♣ 3♣ 5♥ 2♦.The second elimination from the final table was of Estonian mmetsla, who took home $6,986 and finished at eighth place.

Next man to hit the rail was lulDocuments of Mexico for an amount $11,804, playing against OverTheTop43’s. He booked for seventh position.

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The sixth position of the Sunday Warm Up was for Chinese menglong, playing against OverTheTop43. He was able to make $16,622.

Fifth, fourth and third places were for kimokh of Lebanon with total $21,440, BaNe.TrEnD of Serbia $28,185 and OverTheTop43 of Austria ($40,953).

The heads up round took place in between greengrass67 of Hungary and TISSO1709 of Austria. They both played well, but it was greengrass67 who made the difference by his playing at arena. TISSO1709 leaded the way till the end but greengrass67 made a great come back in a very few hands by winning the first prize of amount $76,124, whereas the runner up collected $57,175.

TISSO1709 had 9♦Q♣, Greengrass67 had 5♥A♦. The board was A♥ 4♥ Q♥ 4♠ A♣, meaning greengrass67 becomes the winner.