Its Alan Percal who wins $10K No Limit Hold’em at WSOP

By | June 11, 2016

Its Alan Percal who wins $10K No Limit Hold’em at WSOPIt was a great and a crucial day for the US poker player named Alan Percal. The player is just 23 years of age and has done great todau bu winning the prestigious event#9 of World Series of poker 2016. The player has won the event#9, which was a $10,000 buy in Heads up No Limit Hold’em game and included some of the top professionals of the world including the veteran John Smith of 69.

 Percal completed his journey, by getting the title of the event and collecting a very good cash prize of amount $320,574. This was only second heads up game for the US poker pro, which turned out to be simply great for the player.

Till date, Alan has participated to 1 final table of the WSOP and won the same title. Other than this particular tournament, he has been through 3 cashes at WSOP.

After winning the title of the event he said that I got bored, playing nine handed games and that’s why I started playing Heads up games online, it was much more interesting than any other game, Alan  replied.

 Please take a look at some other details of the event:-

John Smith, a professional poker player from La Hambra Heights, got busted to second place for an amount take home i.e. $198,192 . The 69 year old guy is a veteran poker player and was looking good at the moment, but could not be able to cross the line against his opponent Percel.

The semi finalist of the event are :- Alex Luneau of Paris played well and collected $123,929 being a semi finalist of the prestigious $10K heads up game, whereas another semi finalist named Olivier Busquet of new York was able to collect $123,929 as cash prize money.

The four quarter finalist of the event were as follows: – Matthew Diehl of NJ collects $56,202, Nick Yunis of Chile collected $56,202,Benjamin Geisman of san Diego makes $56,202 from the tournament and Orlando Romero of Amarillo, also pocketed $56,202 from the Evet#9 of the 2016 world series of poker.