Ivanvilchez8 of Argentina Wins 8March Super Tuesday for $92,910

By | March 12, 2016

ivanvilchez8 wins 8March super tuesdayAn online poker from arjentina Ivanvilchez8 has won the March 8, 2016 Super Tuesday tournament at PokerStars. He collected the first prize of amount $92,910. The player defeated “probirs” of Hungary who made $68,460. The tournament attracted 489 players worldwide and generated a total prize pool of amount of $489,000 and bested $425K guarantee.

Out of 489 players top 63 places were paid out. As you know the event is a $1,050 No Deposit Hold’em which attracts hundreds and sometimes thousands of poker players from the entire world including United Kingdom, Italy, Ireland, France, Argentina, Canada and many others.

After a couple of hours of game took place, here are the final table participants.

Seat#1 allotted to saks80 of Lebnon(164,000 in chips),seat#2 allotted to a player from Malta named as V.bl0m(298,374 chips), seat#3 was for Argentinean ivanvilchez8 who got 628,880 chips along with him.

Seat#4,#5 and 6 were for players like rudisf of Poland(81,926), “johnnylodden”, a pokerstars pro from Norway (329,885) and davidas75 of Israel (164,984).

Whereas the seat#7,#8 and #9 were for Timorm1 of Israel(84,268), Andras “probirs” Nemeth of Hungary(323,974) and Erik “Popiedejopie” van den Berg of United Kingdom for 364,709 chips.

The first elimination from the final table was of UK’ Erik “Popiedejopie” van den Berg,who collected $8,117 winning share. Just after his removal from the table Polish. rudisf, hit the rail for $11,002 and secured 7th place for him. The sixth place belongs to Timorm1, who made $15,892 from the tournament.

The final six players remained after half hour of play and ivanvilchez8 maintaining big lead against other opponents. Andras “probirs” Nemeth and saks80 were in pace. Probirs made 22,500 from middle and saks80, make a three bet all in. He did not succeed and got eliminated to sixth place.

After some more hands johnnylodden hit the rail and was out from the table. He was at fifth place and got $26,895 as winning share.Davidas75 was at fourth9$38,142) and V.bl0m was at third place with total share $50,122.

The heads up round was in betweeb ivanvilchez8 ($92,910.00) and Andras “probirs” Nemeth ($68,460.00).

ivanvilchez8: 7♠7♥

probirs: Q♣T♣

The Board was: – 3♦9♦6♣3♣K♣