James “Flushy” Demspey wins Grand prix Poker for $40,000

By | July 27, 2016

James “Flushy” Demspey wins Grand prix Poker for $40,000James “Flushy” Demspey is the new winner of the latest Grand prix poker tour Brighton.He collected the first prize of amount $40,000 and defeated almost 2,100 entrants. The final table of the Grand prix poker tour Brighton has some of the very good players, looking to win the championship but it was Demspey, who did the job and collected the title of the championship. The runner up of the event was a player named Tom Simm, who collected an amount of $24,000 being second.

Top 224 finishers of the game including online and offline were able to take home at least some amount of money i.e. $330.

Top Nine Players according to their chip counts on Day 2 were as follows:-

Seat#1, seat#2 and seat#3 were for Jamie Robinson having 2,225,000 chip counts, James Alsop (9,005,000) and Peter Burgon (1,815,000).

Seat#4, seat35 and seat#6 were for Jaraslaw Szwarc (1,070,000), James Dempsey (6,990,000), and Ken Priestnall (10,900,000).

Meanwhile seat#7, seat#8 and #9 belongs to players named as Paul Nugent (2,880,000) , Seth Webber (3,110,000) and Tom Simm (2,860,000).

First elimination from the final table was of Jaraslaw Szwarc, who booked for ninth place and collected $3,000 as winning total. Jamie Robinson was the next player who hit the rail to eighth position and was able to took home at least $4,000 from Grand Prix Poker tour Brighton.

Then goes players like Paul Nugent to seventh place for an amount $5,500, Peter Burgon for $7,000 and sixth place, and Ken Priestnall to fifth place for $9,000.

The four handed game included James Alsop, Seth Webber and Tom Simm, to which a pro poker player from the native country James Alsop finished his journey to fourth position for a total winning share of amount $12,260.

In the mean time Seth Webber booked for third place with total $16,000, Tom Simm becomes runner up for $24,000 and James Dempsey pocketed $40,000, being the title owner of the championship.