jbrown8777 is at #1 Spot among Top 15 Online Poker Players of Canada

By | January 11, 2017

jbrown8777 is at #1 Spot among Top 15 Online Poker Players of CanadaCanadian people love to play poker at different online poker websites. There are thousands of players from Canada, who play and win hundreds and thousands of dollars every month. Some of them are able to make million from these high end Canadian poker websites.

Please take a look at current positions of online poker players of Canada.

Jbrown8777 is at numer#1 position and according to pocket fives the player has total 6,313.26 points with him. His biggest score till date is 601.99, while average scoring point for the player is 157.83.

Last tournament where he participated was on PokerStars and the event was $109 buy-in Mini Tuesday of $15K Guaranteed, where he won an amount of $ 146.64 being at 192nd place on January 5th, 2017.

JMolloy is at second place with total 5,320.06 points. His biggest point is 276.33, while average for the player is 133.00.

His last match was at PokerStars and the tournament was $109 buy-in No Limit Hold’em for 5 max, Hyper Turbo. This was a $15K Gtd, where he finished at fifth place and won $ 1,218.58.

s_dot111 is third among canadian online poker player ranking list with total 5,191.02 points. His biggest is 569.03 and average score is 129.78. His last winning total was $ 201.81, while playing at PokerStars and the event was $82 NLHE [Turbo, Knockout], $6K Gtd.

GINS FINEST is at fourth place with total 5,171.98 points. His biggest score is 531.04, while avegare is 129.30 points. He participated in Big $215, $100K Gtd at PokerStars on Jan 8th, 2017 3:00 PM, where he recieved $ 532.96, being 52nd player.

FireFaux is at fifth place with total 5,167.57 scoring points. His biggest score is 433.63 and average is 129.19.

Top 15 Online Poker Player Ranking:-

1        jbrown8777    6,313.26
2        JMolloy          5,320.06
3        s_dot111       5,191.02
4        GINS FINEST 5,171.98
5        FireFaux        5,167.57
6        JGagMan       5,165.95
7        iamthedeck ftw 4,956.95
8        OU_dlanger610 4,831.79
9        Dynoalot        4,775.41
10      p0cket00       4,762.47
11      bustindanut    4,722.92
12      bparis         4,655.21
13      blanconegro   4,624.93
14      Davidp18       4,296.48
15      apestyles       4,068.76