JOSHUA BECKLEY wins circuit Series Opener at WSOP

By | September 19, 2015

The Event poker circuit of World Series of poker tournament (WSOP) was on the way at Palm Beach Florida to which Joshua Beckley wins the first prize. He succeeded to win a gold ring for himself at the prestigious event. The event was a main event for $365 Monster Stock.

Joshua a 25 Year old poker player grabbed first prize and a cash reward of $22,349 along with 50 more points of casino championships. It was a very good win for me “Joshua “answered to the reporters after winning one of the best shot of his gambling life. It is a morale boosting win for me, he added. Joshua is one of the player selected for the November nine grand event poker championship, would be hosted by WSOP.

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The straight victory for Joshua Beckley comes right before the grand poker event to be played in November and that is why it is a very good for him. It could boost his morale and can give him good playing wives.

The event#1 for the tournament includes total 12 gold rings for the players/final table players of the event. The total number of players was 317 which generated a pool prize of $95,100 for a buy in of $365 Monster stack event. The top 33 players/finishers of the game were paid some money each. Here are the results of the final table.

As mentioned Joshua wins the first prize and a cash of $22,349+50 points of another casino championships + a gold ring. The second position of the event goes to a player named Aric Pluskat, who took home $13,818. The next position of thirst position belongs to a player named Sean Syed shah who grabbed a cash prize of $10,036.

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The fourth,fifth and sixth position of the warm event goes to Bobby Hosdon, Joshua Sperko and Steven Sanzone. They took home $7, 413, $5,565 and $4,244 respectively.

The seventh, 8th and 9th position of the event belongs to the players named Jonah Miller, a pro poker player, Vigorn Dancharnijtt and Adam Ruen. They colleted a cash prize of $3, 288, $2,585 and $2,063 respectevely.